Recent Missions

Lear 60 / Riga Lativa to St. Louis

Aircraft Type: Lear 60

Origination: Riga Latvia

Destination: St. Louis Missouri

Mission: New Owner Reactivation and International Delivery to Maintenance Facility in the US

Stops: Bergin Norway, Keflavik Iceland, Goose Bay Canada, Portsmouth New Hampshire

Services Used: Full Comprehensive Services Requested and Implemented

  • Tech Rep
  • Contract Maintenance Team
  • 3rd Party Maintenance coordination (Engines sent to Pratt & Whitney in Germany and ran, returned and installed)
  • Crew Leasing
  • International Flight Planning
  • Import and Exporting assistance
  • All Travel Arrangements
  • Special Flight Permits and Overflight Permits
  • Ground handling Coordination
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