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Lear 60 / Riga Lativa to St. Louis

Aircraft Type: Lear 60

Origination: Riga Latvia

Destination: St. Louis Missouri

Mission: New Owner Reactivation and International Delivery to Maintenance Facility in the US

Stops: Bergin Norway, Keflavik Iceland, Goose Bay Canada, Portsmouth New Hampshire

Services Used: Full Comprehensive Services Requested and Implemented

  • Tech Rep
  • Contract Maintenance Team
  • 3rd Party Maintenance coordination (Engines sent to Pratt & Whitney in Germany and ran, returned and installed)
  • Crew Leasing
  • International Flight Planning
  • Import and Exporting assistance
  • All Travel Arrangements
  • Special Flight Permits and Overflight Permits
  • Ground handling Coordination
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Shawn Mullin - Operations Controller

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Diana Robinson - VP of Special Projects

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Heath Barnett - CEO

Heath Barnett serves as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Business Jet Transport. In more than 20 years in the Aviation Industry, Heath has acquired significant experience in both Business and Commercial Aviation through various roles regarding flight operations, aviation safety management, ground handling and pilot training. In addition to being a qualified pilot (rated on the Challenger 350, Lear 45 and Lear 60 series), Heath is highly experienced in aviation safety management systems (SMS). During his tenure as Safety Manager at American Aero FTW, a Texas based FBO, he guided their team to become the world's first FBO to attain the highest tier in ground handling safety certification- IS-BAH Stage III, an industry leading benchmark. Being a ferry pilot himself, having ferried single engine Cessnas to business jets, Heath's enthusiasm and passion for global aircraft ferrying runs deep and he wishes to share that passion with the business aviation industry with the establishment of a world class, turnkey business jet ferry company - Business Jet Transport. Based in Denver, Heath enjoys all that the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer and can be found fishing for trout when not out flying a trip or in the office.

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